L-1B Visa

Specialized Knowledge

The L-1B visa is issued to foreign nationals coming to the United States to work for an organization that is a parent, subsidiary or affiliate, for example, of a foreign company for which the employee worked for at least one (1) year of the three (3) years preceding the foreign national’s admission to the U.S.  The foreign national must have specialized knowledge with respect to the U.S. qualifying organization’s products, services and management, among others. Foreign nationals with specialized knowledge are granted a maximum of five (5) years stay.  An initial grant of stay is generally three (3) years, with permissible incremental extensions of up to two (2) years.

Similar to the L-1A visa holder’s family, an L-1B’s spouse and unmarried children under age 21 are admitted in an L-2 status, for the same period of stay granted to the L-1B beneficiary.  The spouse may apply for work authorization.

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