L-1A Visa

Managers and Executives

The L-1A status is granted to intracompany executives and managers of a foreign company, who travel to the U.S. for the purpose of providing temporary work in an executive or managerial capacity to a U.S. company that has a qualifying relationship with the foreign entity.  The U.S. company must establish that it is doing business or will be doing business directly or through a qualifying company. Examples of a qualifying company include parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of a foreign company. As well, it must demonstrate that you – the manager or executive – have worked continuously for at least one (1) year during the three (3) years preceding the filing of the petition, for the qualifying foreign in the same capacity in which L-1A beneficiary intends to serve the U.S. company.

Should the U.S. employer seek to employ you as manger or executive for its “new” office, the U.S. employer must show: (1) it has secured sufficient physical space for its office, (2) it will support, within one year of the approval of the petition, an executive or managerial position, and (3) that you have been employed as an executive or manager of the qualifying foreign entity for a continuous period of at least one (1) year in the three (3) years preceding the filing of the petition.

The initial grant of stay is three (3) years, with a total maximum time of seven (7) years. 

The L-1A beneficiary’s spouse and dependents, who are not married and under the age of 21, will be granted admission under L-2 status, which allows the spouse to apply for work authorization.

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