Treaty Traders

E-1 visas are issued to foreign nationals of a country which maintains a Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, or Bilateral Investment, among others, with the United States. The foreign national, in an individual capacity or as an employee of an entity, must be seeking admission to further international trade – of goods or services – between the two countries that is substantial in nature.  Proof of existing binding agreements between the contracting parties for any service or goods commonly traded in international trade is required.

Eligibility for this visa category includes:

  •  Existence of a qualifying treaty                    
  • The individual or the entity must share the nationality of the treaty country         
  • The individual must entered the U.S. to work in an executive, supervisory, or essential worker capacity
  • Intent to depart the U.S. upon expiration of E-1 status

The foreign national’s spouse and unmarried dependent children under age 21 will enter the U.S. under the same visa category – E-1, and the spouse will be eligible to apply for work authorization.  

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